Cyber Security Projects

Secret Key Encryption

In this project, the first task is to employ a frequency analysis of letters in the alphabet to break a monoalphabetic cypher, and find the related encryption key. I then used the encryption key to decipher the entire plaintext message. I also encrypted an image file, and decrypted another to understand how these concepts work with files in the directory.

Encryption and Decryption using RSA

The goal of this project is to get hands-on experience using RSA algorithms in a virtual linux environment. I implemented the mathematical algorithms in detailed steps on actual large numbers in order to generate public and private keys and perform encryption and decryption, as well as generate and verify signatures.

SQL Injection

The goal of this project is to find ways to exploit the SQL injection vulnerabilities in a mock web application provided by the program. This project highlights the damage that can be achieved by these types of attacks, and allowed me to practice the techniques that can help defend against them.