Hello! I'm Hugo Izquierdo, a passionate Data Analyst currently delving into the intricate world of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Recovery Systems. My journey here is anything but ordinary - it's a blend of tech savviness and entrepreneurial spirit.

With a solid background in computer science, my career took a flavorful turn when I pursued my dream of owning a pizzeria. For 8 years, I immersed myself in the culinary arts, operating a bustling restaurant and a mobile catering service featuring a wood-fired oven. This experience was more than just about perfecting pizza dough; it taught me the essence of hard work, adaptability, and the art of rising to the occasion - literally and figuratively!

Transitioning from the kitchen to the tech world, I brought with me a unique blend of skills and a zest for continuous learning. In the realm of data analysis, I thrive on dissecting complex problems, introducing innovative solutions, and offering fresh perspectives shaped by my diverse experiences.

Beyond the world of numbers and tech, I'm a lifelong learner at heart, constantly exploring new topics and understanding the world around us. When I'm not navigating the challenges of software engineering, you'll find me unwinding by staying active, catching up on the latest movies, experimenting with new recipes, or cherishing moments with my family.

In essence, my journey from pizza to pixels encapsulates my belief in lifelong learning, adaptability, and the pursuit of diverse passions. Whether it's kneading dough or crunching data, I'm always ready to tackle challenges with enthusiasm and a fresh slice of perspective!