Other Projects

SUDO: Small-Unit Drone Optimization

This is a sensitive, ongoing project as part of my work with the Army Research Lab. The goal of the project is to take outdated Human Perception Models provided by the ARL, and convert them into data that can be used by modern programs. Specifically, by using the provided model data for auditory and visual detection, we extracted the Visual Basic macros and translated them into Python, which is then used in a virtual Unity-Engine sandbox to model the statistical detection zones for an SUAS (Small Unmanned Aircraft System) given a set of fixed parameters.


Why is this project important? While the assets of the US Military are incredibly sophisticated and far-reaching, those assets usually require a cumbersome climb up the bureaucracy ladder to be utilized by soldiers on the field. Our research and work aims to assist small units of soldiers on the battlefield to have immediate access to reconnaissance equipment that can give as much real-time information as possible, while avoiding detection by enemy forces. This can help avoid harm to our troops, and also avoid unnecessary collateral damage.

Blazing Stone Pizza

BSP Logo

Blazing Stone Pizza was started from a concept in 2014. It was not a franchise, or previous business. The logo, recipes, menu, social media strategy, website, and business model were all started from scratch. I did not come from a restaurant background, but always had a passion for great pizza, and wanted to share that with our community. There were very many moving parts in owning and running a restaurant, and managing all sorts of technnology and software is one key ingredient in leveraging sales. I learned to program Point-of-Sale systems, set up and maintain the local network for our service printers and POS systems (which was independent from our main network), how to maintain our website and add/remove elements to it, create and manage our social media platforms, integrate and troubleshoot 3rd party vendor software, and employing payroll software, among others. This heavy use of technology is what got me interested in the field of computer science, and a big reason why I decided to pursue this field as a career path.


While our webpage is no longer active, our Instagram page can be found here.

Fahrenheit LA


Fahrenheit LA was my mobile wood-fired pizza catering company that I owned up until April of 2022. Using locally sourced ingredients, and an oven that could reach over 800 degrees, my team and I would cook pizzas live at private events. I created and managed the company website, and also managed the social media campaigns, marketing, client correspondence/follow-up, profit and loss analysis, menu engineering, permitting, and of course driving the oven and running the actual events.


While the Fahrenheit LA webpage is no longer active, our Instagram page can be found here.