Web Development Projects

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I used the skills I have learned to create a webpage for my personal portfolio. Since I do not need to receive any form information or have dynamic elements, I have chosen to use HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap for this website initially. I am in the process of learning JavaScript, and will be looking to incorporate some of it's elements as my understanding of the language grows. In the process of creating this portfolio page, I have learned a lot about web hosting, domain names, and publishing a website from scratch. Therefore, I feel its fitting to show the source files for this site as part of my web programming projects. I look to keep growing this site in the coming year.

Minimax Scoring

Movie Review Page

The goal of this program was to create a web program that would serve as a movie review site. By using Java classes, Java servlets, jsp pages for views, and a MySql database accessed by a Java JDBC page, my program could create a session for each user (either existing or new), and allow that user to create unique reviews for movies that were either existing or added by the user, and store the information in a mysql database.

Minimax Scoring

I gave each movie info and review unique id's that could be attached to each user, then the review scores were aggregated among all users and shown as the new average score. User information was saved in a session, and authorization was also performed to decide if a user can perform certain actions (show/hide UI components based on user authorization). This security check was implemented in a controller page. It was quite a large project, and so I grouped all the component pages of the MVC in seperate folders so as to keep things easily organized and viewable.